Emotion and intensity, sparkles and sunshine. Charly Tate is on a mission to capture that euphoric moment born in a melody. 

Featured on countless online stations around the world, Charly’s music is bright and innovative, blurring the line between intense and lighthearted, sensual and spiritual. Her vocals bounce passionately and enthusiastically, touching everywhere on the emotional spectrum. Her voice, earthy and clear, is both unique and engaging. She is versatile and experimental, but her specialty is electronic symphonic pop, a mix she dubs poptronica. 

Charly is a one-woman show, writing, producing and performing her compositions, from the first beat to the end of the last chorus. It's obsessive creation that makes magical moments. Compositions full of addicting and enveloping textures, contrasted with finely balanced melodies, rich and lush chords layered behind twinkling arpeggios and progressive drumbeats. Writing incessantly since her teenage years, her catalog consists of over 80 original compositions.

"One of the best pieces of advice someone ever gave me was, ‘don’t die with the music in you.’ And I don’t intend to."