Zodiacal Light

Streaming through triangles in the sky. Away from the earth at a speed faster than light. We wonder as we fly away from everything. All we know becomes smaller and smaller until it’s tiny and gone. It’s just us, looking out into the unknown. We keep sending love, happiness and hope back home, but it’s all in vain. Eventually it’s all in vain. We’re beyond anything that makes us human. Out of reach from ones who make us whole. No one else to keep the sanity. It’s just us, me and you in the mirror. I wanted to do this, I always wanted to try. To see lights for the first and only time. A strange curiosity to be so far from anything that hurts. Now nothing can hurt me. But I’m alone, totally and eternally alone. To go beyond, to finally see, to understand what it’s all for. It’s a sacrifice. I need to wrap myself in something warm that feels like me, because I don’t remember anymore.


All In

Here’s the reality of the situation: You won’t live forever. No matter how it feels when you’re young. No matter how long it takes for time to pass while you’re waiting. And while you wait, life’s gonna happen, so why don’t you go all in? Love will happen even if you’re not feeling. Clock keeps ticking. The world is moving no matter what you’re doing. Sitting still, face the wall, eyes closed, good or bad, life will happen, go all in. Facing inevitable failures and the fear of standing still, you’ll be one step behind. If it’s darkness you’re facing, go all in. Better to be strong in your fight than weak against the night. Nothingness has nothing on you if you’re all in.

45th Parallel

Can you try? Can you try just a little harder? If ninety’s too far, you can try forty-five. How does it feel? Are you ripped apart? Remember, progress is progress. Push, push, push. Leave a little bit behind if the weight is too heavy to carry. One foot in front of the other. Can you try? Can you just try a little harder? If halfway is too far then you can cut it in half. Hold on, hold on, you’re slipping but just hold on. 

Life Without Limits

Stutter step, hit a rock, a glitch, an explosion. Keep on, just keep on. Arms out, smile and say this won't end me. There's no quit in me. Rest assured keep on running. What a difference a year, wait; a minute makes! The best of it all, the good in everything, stellar life without boundaries, infinite space and time. Freedom to go. Go where you will. See what you want and be who you are. Become enlightened and free. No comparisons and no ceilings. Walk through walls and do it all.


When I dream, you’re all I see. Awake or asleep, doesn’t matter. Call me crazy. When I breathe, it’s killing me. A constant longing, yearning, burning for anything. It’s everything; what does it mean, what does it mean? I’ve fallen deep in the arms of masquerading perfection and I don’t wanna let go. Never, never. I can see, nothing better than you. Just tell me one thing: the truth, the truth. (Do you feel like I do)? When I run I imagine you’re at the end. Shifting life; the stars align, just maybe. Staring constantly to keep you close. Am I obsessing dangerously? In vain I try to make it happen, make it mine because it’s right (I know, it’s why I fight) ((for you)). * Say to myself Run, run, run, run. Run away fast and furious. Superhuman. Fly like it’s the last day you’re living and the last breath you’re taking because he’s the last and only one you’re wanting. * You’re all I want and you’re worth a thousand miles or more.