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  1. Found

From the recording Elated Pieces

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A song about feeling content and strong, regardless of where you are or what you're doing.


When I don’t feel worthy
To be loved by another
Somehow I still feel the heat
That penetrates every living thing
When I look around
This great big place
Sometimes it feels like it’s just me
Living in a perfect world

In your eyes
I’m found
In this light
I am found

When the questions come
And I have no answers
Somehow I still call your name
I am never ashamed
In this radical game of life
When the dark closes in
And confines me
There I am
Down on my knees again
And I’m never lost for long

In your eyes
I’m found
In this light
I am found
You’ve brought me to life
I am found
I’m ready to fight
I am found

Got to hold on
And push through the pain
Through the stress and the rain
Want to let it show
Wear it on my sleeve
I’m growing strong
To let this feeling get away
Would be the end of it all