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  1. Sparked

From the recording Elated Pieces

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The teenage crush anthem, full of energy and honesty.


Lost in a constant night
Never thought I’d see the light
Walked around the world alone
Scared and freaked of going home
The moon shone bright upon my head
I didn’t know that I was dead
Always living in the dark
Convinced a change would
Rip apart
Against all odds
There’s life inside
Can’t run can’t sleep
I cannot hide
Every time you look at me
I swear doll, I can barely breathe
Have no intention
I shouldn’t fall
Me myself and I have us a ball
Though I try to keep you out
You make my soul jump up
Scream and shout

You’ve sparked a fire in me
You’ve sparked so hard in my heart

Try so hard to stand up straight
But it’s already much too late
Tell myself that I am fine
I’m just dreaming again
You’ll never be mine
But your smile is the brightest star
I can’t keep myself from falling hard
I look inside again for help
Sighing why does this boy make me melt
There’s nothing really spectacular
You’re not even that muscular
But my darling boy I must admit
It feels true blue as the sky is lit
Never intended to fall down flat
Never did I believe in that
But now here I am
Spinning around
And you hook me
Without making a sound

You’ve sparked a flame inside me
No fluid could ever drown me
You’ve lit me up inside
It’s a feeling I can’t

I didn’t know that I could fly
I didn’t know the reason why